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Handling Virtual Storage

Managing virtual storage space takes a different strategy than managing physical storage place. However , you are able to still apply your equipment management what is the role of a virtual storage manager console (HMC) to screen your digital safe-keeping environment. This will allow you to see how your virtual storage capacity is being utilized.

Your HMC gives you a view belonging to the physical quantity, logical volumes, and storage pools within just the virtual storage space environment. This view can be used to monitor your PowerVM(r) virtual storage area environment. It is also possible to switch the settings of your electronic storage devices.

Your HMC will also provide you a chance to view the physical and digital SCSI connectors. You can also add and remove adapters. You may also change the physical volume assignment. You can also see the end-to-end mapping for online SCSI. You can also put VIOS to shared storage area pool groupings.

When handling virtual storage, it is important to know what the several management features are. There are several types of management features: GETMAIN, FREEMAIN, CPOOL, and DELETE. These functions is used to allocate, evaluate, or erase storage.

GETMAIN is a control function that allocates online storage to a particular talk about space. This storage is produced when the connected job issues FREEMAIN. The length of the storage invested in a specific subpool is also particular. The GETMAIN request must also include the subpool number.

CPOOL is a managing function that performs some functions almost like GETMAIN. It is actually used to set up equal-sized packets of safe-keeping. It is also accustomed to create strings of control blocks.

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